"Thank you so much for all the help and hints you gave my son. He was really happy with Donovan's teaching style and gave him that confidence boost he needed to be able to sit and pass his Restricted test. We would both highly recommend." - (Lynda, mum of Alex) - posted 22 July 2018

"Our son really enjoyed learning from you, Donovan! Thank you very much for supporting him to get his Restricted license. You made the whole process stress-free and easy to handle with your cool, calm and relaxed approach. Looking forward to your help with his defensive driving course next. Anyone who needs a great learner experience needs to look no further!" - (Thilo, mum of Diakan) - posted 20 July 2018

"As a student, I don't have a lot of money. I'd been driving on my Learners for a lot of years, and two friends of mine (who are also students with no time or money) had strongly recommended that I contact Donovan about driving lessons. In the first three driving lessons, Donovan gave me helpful and ecouraging feedback to refine my driving skills and confidence, and also clarified road rules that I wasn't sure about. Donovan also took me on a mock restricted driving test around the course from the test location two days before my test, taking me through the exact process and smoothing out the last of my bad habits (I passed the real test first time).Training through Evolve is an excellent investment of my time and money, which I'll continue to do through to my full license test." - (Rebekah, Student) - posted 29 Jun 2018

Donovan is an awesome instructor! My previous driving experiences were pretty stressful, but his laid-back teaching style really helped me to relax and start to enjoy driving. He taught me a lot of useful tips and tricks, and he always made sure I was comfortable before we progressed to more advanced manoeuvres. Thanks to his guidance, I passed the restricted licence test on my first attempt. I highly recommend Donovan to anyone who wants to improve their driving skills and gain confidence behind the wheel."  - (Jennifer, Author) - posted 22 Jun 2018

"Definitely recommend Donovan from Evolve Driver Training. My son did 5 lessons in total and passed his restricted first attempt. Thank you so much Donovan!" - (Chevonne, mum of Cody) - posted 21 March 2018

"Thank you very much for helping me pass the restricted practical driving exam! I booked a 5-session package and it really was worth it. I've gained much confidence in my driving skills and learned new techniques to improve. Donovan was very patient and calm. His feedbacks were very helpful especially during the time of sitting the actual exam. This driving school is highly recommended!" - (Anne, nurse) - posted 3 Feb 2018

"We can not recommend Evolve enough. They are fantastic with teenagers and our son really enjoyed their teaching style. Definitely value for money and quality service. In 7 lessons over 3 months, our son went from his very first drive to passing his restricted license, first go. Thanks for the encouragement and support!" - (Jan, happy mother of Corey) - posted 3 Jan 2018

"Highly recommend Donovan. I had only 2 lessons with Donovan before sitting my Full license yet the difference between how confident I was feeling after the lessons was amazing! He is very informative and easy to talk to. Thank you for all the help! Yay for passing my full license on the first go!" - (Jessie, childcare worker) - posted 19 Dec 2017

"Was too scared to start driving for 2 years, but Donovan got me there. Such an awesome guy too!" - (Caitie, hairdresser) - posted 25 Sept 2017

"Thanks Donovan, you helped me pass my restricted first time. Couldn't have done it without him. Really helpful. Best instructor around make sure to give Donovan a call. You won't regret it!" - (Cameron, Year 12 student) - posted 18 April 2017.

"I highly recommend Donovan as a Driving Instructor. He has taught both my daughters, he has a calmness that made the girls feel very confident resulting in both passing their restricted license. - (Margaret, Stacey and Cadence's mum) - posted 5 March 2017 

Awesome work with my 17 year old son, Dylan, who recently gained his Restricted Licence. Even though we don't live in Hamilton you made it extremely easy for us to arrange lessons to suit. Thanks for the excellent communication and the support and confidence you gave him to pass." - (Stephen, Dylan's dad) - posted 27 Dec 2016

"Awesome guy and excellent teacher! Passed my restricted and became a confident driver, all because of a few lessons with Donovan!" - (Gene, year 13 student) - posted 29 September 2016

"Donovan was awesome with Sean and great communication with us as parents! Sean passed his restricted first time, so wrapped for him! We'll be back for the defensive driving course and with Antony next year!" - (Tania, mum of Sean) - posted 5 August 2016

Donovan, Thank you so much. 4 or so lessons and passed my restricted first time with no errors. Wouldn't have been possible without your careful support and teaching. You've helped me reach what I see as a huge milestone in my life and I'll honestly never forget it. Will keep your number in my phone for when I'm going for my full license! Will be recommending you to anyone who needs lessons!" - (Sam, Year 13 student) - posted 27 July 2016

"Thanks heaps Donovan for your patience and guidance with helping Isiah gain the knowledge and confidence he needed to pass his Restricted yesterday. He is so happy to have the freedom and its comforting to know he has learnt correctly having lessons with you. I have not hesitated in recommending Donovan to others. Thanks again for your help :)"  -  (Marion, on behalf of isiah) - posted 16 June 2106

"Donovan is amazing just got my full license without any error in first attempt. Thanks for your help. I highly recommend him." - (Gagan, young mother of two) - posted 11 June 2016

"Donovan is an amazing teacher, if it wasn't for him i wouldn't of passed my restricted the other week. He has a really good method for parallel parking that makes it so simple and easy. In just 3 lessons I felt complete confident and at ease with my driving, Donovan makes you feel safe and very comfortable while teaching you amazing tips on what to do. I highly recommend taking driving lessons from him to improve your driving. Thank you Donovan for all your help"  -  (Holly) - posted 29 May 2016

"Thank you very much for leading my son to success recently!" - (Janine, Kallum's mum) - posted  2 April 2016


"Thanks so much Donovan, you were such a massive help, with my confidence and getting those parallel parks right in the weeks leading up to my restricted driving test. I don't think I would have passed it first time without the two lessons I had through Evolve Driver Training. Definitely recommend getting a lesson or two with Donovan to anyone who's planning on sitting their test soon." - (Michaela, happy Restricetd License holder!) - posted 2 February 2016


"Thanks Donovan at Evolve Driver Training in Hamilton. My son passed his restricted licence today and your encouragement, expertise, skills and great instructional style played a huge part in his success. We really appreciate it. Thanks!" (Damon Whitten, Jesse's dad.) - posted 26 Jan 2016


"Donovan is amazing! 3 lessons and our grandson passed his Restricted first time! He has incredible rapport with the younger generation. Thank you so much. All the best." (Sue Brown, Mitchell's nan.) - posted 8 Jan 2016


"Just a quick shout out to Donovan, who has just seen my son through his driving test successfully this morning. Massive thanks from us for going above and beyond to accommodate some late changes and your professionalism really shone through!" (Justin Bailey, James' dad) - posted 24 Dec 2015


"My son had trouble passing his Restricted until by chance we found Donovan. Just 3 lessons later and he passed with confidence! He felt very comfortable and at ease with Donovan, who is very friendly and easy going. Would highly recommend his service!!" (Melanie Stewart, Jayden's mum) - posted 22 Nov 2015


"Thank you Donovan for supporting Isaac to pass his Restricted driving practical test today at his first attempt. You have shown a high level of expertise and professionalism, whilst spending the time to provide effective feedback after each lesson. Isaac is really looking forward to being more independent. Thanks." (Nick & Rachel Fitzgerald, parents of Isaac) - posted 18 Nov 2015


"Thanks Donovan for the awesome lessons you gave Rebecca, past Restricted first time. HIGHLY recommend Evolve Driver Training, easy & relaxed atmosphere." (Sandy, mother of Rebecca) - posted 23 Nov 2015


"I  can highly recommend Evolve Driver Training Ltd. Donovan has given my daughter Rebecca a number of driving lessons. Donovan has great people skills and my daughter related to him very well. Donovan's expertise and professionalism helped my daughter pass her Restricted License the first time she sat the test. I would not hesitate to use Donovan again when my younger children learn to drive and would definitely encourage anyone wanting to learn to drive to use Donovan Reynolds at Evolve Driver Training." (Debbie, mother of three) 


"Awesome driving instructor! If you want someone who doesn't make you feel nervous and makes you feel confident this is the instructor for you. Felt more ready for my test after practising with him a few times. I would highly recommend and thanks to him I have just got my restricted! Worth the money, you will be ready for the roads in no time!" (Tiana, High School student)